Ronix Men's Kinetik Project Flex Box 2 BWF Wakeboard 2017 138CM


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BRAND NEW IN FACTORY BOX   On any given day there could be up to a dozen pro riders riding at our cable labratory - Lake Ronix. Thru these 100’s of hours of testing it really became clear to our engineers that in the ever-changing cable world that there are 2 high end styles. The 2nd one features the exact same construction, profile, and rocker, but has totally different pressure points. Flexbox 2 is the exact opposite - with a stiffer belly and the softest tip/tail available. A more rigid mid section was designed so a rider can rock into a press – then once locked in - a softer end tip/tail section creates more ability to move side to side or just exaggerate the angle of a press. Designed and ridden by the world’s best park rider - Dominik Hernler. Features Men's Wakeboard Flexbox 2 G&R Technology Dominik Hernler Pro Model Speedwalls Monocoque M6 Hardware Flexbox Tip/Tail Magic Carpet Paulownia Wood Sintered Base RIDING CATEGORY: Park ROCKER: Continuous FLEXBOX: As a company owned by riders we have constantly listened to the needs and requests from the rider. We came to a point where not everybody is happy with one traditional flex zone because of their personal riding styles. So we analyzed how a broad range of riders ollie, flex, and release off the water or features. We created one board shape and construction made with two entirely different pressure points. The result was Flexbox 1 and Flexbox 2 available on the most advanced park board - Kinetik Project. M6 INSERTS: The Euros have it figured out. A higher thread count means more hold at a shallower depth. So now we can go to thinner profiled boards with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lock down. The result is boards with more feel and contact on the water. Available on every series. NU CORE: The world of wood. In short, most of our boards are using a variation of foam - foam has more life to it, and more feel.  But sometimes we are making boards that are so thin - in the case of the El Von Videl Schnook, Bill and Kinetik Project - that if we stayed with wood there isn’t a resistance point.  This point is what allows a board to rebound back out of a press or to start an air trick.  With the Kinetik Projects using Flexbox it is even more magnified - our riders didn’t have the ability to control a press using a foam core based on how much more you can exaggerate a press using Flexbox.  In short - sometimes wood is good - these are 3 series where that is the case. PAULOWNIA WOOD: Made from renewable trees – a cable friendly Paulownia timber delivering a snowboard influenced kick off the wake, and unique ollie and press on rails. MAGIC CARPET: We are always sourcing new fiberglass materials trying to find that perfect weave that allows just enough resin to bleed thru and adhere to our Magic Carpet. SINTERED BASE: The most durable non-stick base material we have ever tested on features, and has increased glide speed on the water. Our exclusive base was formulated from a powder by heating the material in a sintering furnace above its melting point until the particles bond to one another. A higher purity compound that preserves its bond overtime. No obstacle is safe at cable parks with our jib friendly base material. MONOCOQUE: A wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board - and is now the strongest. A more durable construction and a torsionally stiffer ride. Available on an abundance of everything at the Ronix plantation. SPEEDWALLS: Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces at a cable park.



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