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Long Haul 40











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This is a fantastic backpack. It's practically bombproof. Torso size Small which fits 16-17.5 inches. The hip belt is adjustable to fit up to about a 50" waist. The company, Superior Wilderness Designs, is a cottage company that makes customizable backpacks. They currently have a 10 week waiting period and it will cost significantly more. Google them for more info. This pack was only used on one overnight and a day hike. It looks and, more importantly, smells brand new. Here are some of the features: Includes: -upper side pocket, left while wearing   -‎water bottle pocket, left while wearing, will hold 2 Smartwater bottles   -‎tall side pocket   -‎trash/storage pocket mesh on tall side pocket, right while wearing   -‎dual adjust hip belt   -‎side compression strap, thicker straps/buckle   -shoulder strap Lycra pocket   -2 removable ‎hip belt pouches   -‎hip belt size small, but will fit a waist of up to 50 inches   -‎load lifters   -‎custom fabric loop on front xpac pocket for looping around v top buckle   -‎thicker webbing/buckle for v top   -‎bottom pocket single layer Dyneema mesh, have bottom pocket cover entire bottom (see pics)   -‎extra removeable aluminum stay in the middle   -‎1/2 inch thicker shoulder straps   -‎1/2 size mesh pocket behind xpac front pocket (see pics)   -‎hip belt load lifters -seam sealed inside (see pics) -all fabric is XPAC VX21 -34oz with with everything -40 liters internal, 10 liters external -beautiful colors, you will not be mistaken for a deer and shot, or lose your pack in a crowd -great for bushwhacking -this pack could complete multi thru hikes, very thick material and still light   I will respond to questions within 24 hours, I will ship within 24 hours. My promise to you!

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