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Alpine Touring Skis w/ Bindings Product Information

Black Diamond Route 105 skis, 165 cm length. Mounted with Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 Bindings. Bindings mounted for 280 mm boot length, additional travel as shown in photos. This is the second set of binding mounted for these skis. Also included are cut-to-size Black Diamond GlideLite Mix STS climbing skins. Skis have been treated with the DPS Phantom 2.0 high-performance base treatment, a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis. Skied on these 14 days total.

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QUESTION: Do the skins come included with the skis or are they a separate price?

ANSWER: Yes, the custom-cut BD skins are included.

QUESTION: What is the adjustable range on the bindings for boot sole length?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. The bindings are mounted for 280mm boot sole length. I posted a new photo with binding adjustment tolerance. I'll email the manufacturer as well.

QUESTION: I priced the items out to total to $1231.85 for totally new setup, $194.95 for the skins, $386.95 for the bindings, and $649.95 for the bindings. Your listing says that it's a 44% markdown, for sale at $800. A 44% markdown for the prices I found would be $542.01. The base treatment seems to not have worked and there seems to be some oxidation damage to the bases. Would you accept a $400 offer?

ANSWER: Thanks for your comments and feedback on pricing. The asking price is based on what I paid at a local ski shop. For equipment, mounting, and the Phantom 2.0 treatment, plus tax, it came to $1402. So $800 is about 40% off what I paid.

QUESTION: Did you treat the skis yourself or did the shop do it?

ANSWER: I treated them myself, along with several other pairs of skis that day (ski tuning party!)

Black Diamond & Dynafit
Black Diamond AT skis - Route 105 w/ Dynafit Radical 2.0 Bindings
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