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Batteries and Solar Power Product Information

Product Condition: The Yeti 150 + Nomad 14 Plus is in Excellent condition. VFC- This power station was previously owned for a week. The following observations were made regarding this item. * The power station is still brand new however it is missing its solar panel. They can be bought separately. * Item sold as is, all warranties void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: One Color

Retail Cost: $329.95

Don't let the pesky hum of a smelly generator ruin the ambiance of your remote desert camp. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 + Nomad 14 Plus is a quiet, exhaust-free alternative to keeping your lights and laptop charged when you're camped out in the desert climbing towers or exploring remote slot canyons. Taking its energy from the sun, your car, or a traditional wall outlet, the Yeti 150 Power Station connects to the included Nomad 14 Plus solar panel, which comes with a kickstand that can be angled up to 90 degrees to make the most of the sunlight.

The Yeti 150 houses a Smart Charging feature which enables items plugged into the USB port to be charged directly from the sun when to save energy in the Yeti 150. A Solar Intensity Indicator allows you to quickly asses the strength of the sun as you set the angle of the solar panel. Where the Yeti 150 really sets itself apart from other power stations, though, is with its Auto Restart function. The function, through the ability track power flow history, can tell whether the Yeti 150 has reached or full charge or been accidentally disconnected. If the Yeti 150 is somehow disconnected without a full charge, the Nomad will automatically reconnect the device, so you don't roll into camp at the end of the day with a dead power station.

Energize your adventure rig. (DWNZMRP)
Material: [Yeti 150] AGM lead-acid battery, [Nomad 14] monocrystalline
Solar Panel Capacity: 14W (18-22V)
Solar Panel Output: 14-22V, up to 1A (14W max)
Battery Type: AGM lead-acid
Battery Capacity: 150Wh, 14Ah (12V)
Charge Time: [Goal Zero Switch 10/Flip 10] 2.5-3 hours, [Flip 20] 4-5 hours, [Flip 30] 5-8 hours, [Venture 30] 5-8 hours, [Sherpa 50] 7-14 hours, [Sherpa 100] 14-28 hours
Battery Input: 8mm
Battery Output: [USB] 5V, up to 2.1A (10W max), [6mm] 12V, up to 10A (120W max), [AC inverter US] 110V, 0.7A (80W continuous)
Chainable: no
Includes: Yeti 150 portable power station, Nomad 14 Plus solar panel, removable kickstand with pouch, wall charger, 12V adapter
Dimensions: [power station] 7.75 x 5.75 x 6.75in, [solar panel] (unfolded) 12.1 x 15.8 x 0.1in, (folded) 12.1 x 7.8 x 0.5in
Claimed Weight: [battery and panel] 13lb 14.5oz
Recommended Use: camping, emergency power

QUESTION: So then this is only the yeti 150, which sells new for $200

ANSWER: Yes, the solar panel are missing.

QUESTION: Right, so just a suggestion. Your discounted price suggests both items when only one, the power bank, is for sale. The power bank brand new sells for $200.

ANSWER: I understand, the prices are set automatically by the system when the post is completed. The current price is now $158.32 is what we see. Hope this helps

Goal Zero
Yeti 150 + Nomad 14 Plus One Color, One Size - Excellent
46% Off$177.46


Yeti 150 + Nomad 14 Plus

Unisex One Size
Avg. Ship Time
20 hours
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