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Quintana Roo Hydrosix Triathlon Wetsuit Brand New Women's Small S3


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Brand New Quintana Roo Hydrosix Wetsuit Women's S3 (see size chart). In box with drawstring bag (pictured). Originally $799.   From QR: THE NEXT GENERATION OF HIGH PERFORMANCE Quintana Roo opened its doors over 30 years ago as the first triathlon-specific wetsuit manufacturer. When we set about designing the next generation of Quintana Roo wetsuits, we wanted to be sure that we were producing a product of the highest grade and durability with top-level performance in mind, handcrafted by the most skilled professionals in triathlon wetsuit design. By incorporating premium hydrophobic materials and the most advanced technologies, we’ve done just that – the new HYDROsix redefines performance swimming gear for triathletes. The HYDROsix is designed to help you glide across the water with hydrodynamic efficiency and minimal resistance & drag, keeping you fast and fresh for the bike & run. Featuring Type 40 Yamamoto neoprene in the shoulder, ribcage and chest panels & Type 39 in the legs, the suit will work to keep your body in a downhill swimming position. This buoyancy profile is essential for an efficient and effective swim, maximizing rotation and quick turnover. We placed a minimal amount of panels and seams in key areas that allow for significant material flexibility and a more natural fit & feel. In the HYDROsix, you will be able to breathe easily and swim with massive power and confidence. The suit will take longer to put on – but its formfitting feel will allow you to experience a swim unlike any other. The HYDROsix is fast, comfortable and truly unrestrictive. Move and breathe naturally, transition faster. Be one with your suit. KEY FEATURES Highest-grade Type 40 Yamaoto Neoprene with up to 600% Elasticity 1.5mm Type 40 Yamamoto Neoprene in Shoulder and Ribcage Panels  5mm Type 40 Yamamoto Neoprene in Chest Panel for Buoyancy and Quick Turnover 5mm Type 39 Yamamoto Neoprene in Legs for a Downhill Swim Feel Hydrophobic, Durable SCS Nanocoating QR-Specific Forearm Catch & Feel Panel Strategic, Minimal Seam Placement Comfort Seal Neck Design Hydrodynamic Buoyancy Profile Irritation-Free Contact Material

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