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Product Condition: The Micro Color HRSC Loaded Bike Computer is in Good condition. VFC - This bike computer was previously owned for one month. The following observations were made regarding this item: * Has been opened, has not been tested. * Item sold as is, all warranties void

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $219.99

By pairing its latest Micro Color GPS HRSC Loaded Bike Computer, Lezyne simplifies the cycling numbers game to one step: just add power. The package includes a Heart Rate Flow Monitor and a Cadence Speed Flow Sensor, both of which sync to the Micro via Bluetooth to send biometrics and ride data to the unit's display. Of course, this is in addition to the unit's already expansive GPS capabilities, and it means the only thing that the data-conscious cyclist needs to add is the ability to monitor the watts passing through the pedals. Once you take that step, the Micro collects and displays that data courtesy of Bluetooth or its ANT+ capabilities, so—even if you've already got the power meter angle covered—chances are good that the unit is compatible.

If that pile of functional features doesn't drive the point home, we'll do it here: Lezyn is all about design following utility. Even the Micro Color's one apparent nod toward non-functional embellishment, it's colored screen, is actually a functional design decision: rendering different information fields in coded colors allows for faster, more intuitive reading of the screen. Whether you're cooking corners on a singletrack descent, fighting for position in the bunch, or navigating treacherous gravel roads, the Micro Color GPS helps you keep more attention on what's happening around you rather than on trying to decipher your head unit.

In addition to the colored screen, the only significant difference between the Micro and the larger Super GPS units is that the big ones provide more storage for data between uploads. In our experience, serious cyclists will never need to worry about hitting that ceiling, and even multi-day touring and bikepacking sessions will have trouble filling the Micro's 200 hours of ride data capacity.

This being Lezyne, function exists on a much deeper level than just color, though. It combines GPS and GLONASS connectivity with an internal barometer and accelerometer, the latter two serving as local correctives to the former two, eliminating the wonky readings and navigational hiccups that can result when signals are bouncing across a 25,000-mile gap between bike and satellite. The Micro Color is also Bluetooth-enabled, so it communicates with a smartphone in order to take advantage of the route-planning and live-tracking features of Lezyne's Ally app.

Though we've long been a fan of Lezyne's simple approach to GPS tracking, adding Bluetooth means that, through Ally, the unit now lets us hunt segments or update our online data live, mid-ride, on a variety of third-party programs. It can also provide text and call notifications—but we'd often just as soon turn that particular feature off while we're hammering through post-work intervals or following the unit's directional prompts on a pre-mapped weekend escape. If you choose to leave the smartphone at home altogether, the Micro GPS reads, displays, and records ANT+ and Bluetooth broadcasts from the included heart rate monitor or your own power meters, cadence sensors, and whatever other ancillaries you've got hanging on your frame or body.

Just add power. (DWNZJ73)
Odometer: yes
Barometer: yes
Heart Rate Monitor: yes , Heart Rate Flow Sensor included
Technical Features:
Wireless: yes , ANT+, , Bluetooth
Operating System: iOS, Android
Backlight: yes
Battery Type: rechargeable lithium ion
Battery Life: 14 hours
Low Battery Indicator: yes , unit, , paired accessories
Mount Type: handlebar
Includes: Speed Cadence Flow Sensor, Heart Rate Flow Sensor, handlebar mount, micro USB cable
Dimensions: [screen] 1.2 x 1.5 in
Claimed Weight: 29 g
Recommended Use: cycling
Odometer: yes
Includes: Speed Cadence Flow Sensor, Heart Rate Flow Sensor, handlebar mount, micro USB cable


Micro Color HRSC Loaded Bike Computer Black,One Size - Good
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Micro Color HRSC Loaded Bike Computer

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