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Split Snowboards Product Information

Product Condition: The Nomad Pro Trim To Fit Splitboard Skins is in Good condition. Skins have been installed on skis but have not been used.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $239.95

You've painstakingly waited for the snowpack to stabilize, just so you can access the steep lines you've been drooling over all winter long. Give yourself a boost in skinning performance to access dreamy lines and untouched zones with the Jones Nomad Pro Trim To Fit Splitboard Skins. This particular version of the Nomad Pro is designed with a universal tail clip for use with virtually any splitboard on the market.Its trim-to-fit design works with pretty much all splitboards on the market.

Made with a mixture of 70% mohair and 30% synthetic nylon fibers, the Nomad Pro Skins strike the sweet spot between glide and grip when you're skinning in the backcountry for long periods of time. Both fibers are coated with an EVER DRY anti-glopping treatment that prevents frozen snow from sticking to the warm skins, which is especially helpful in springtime when you're encountering a mixture of different conditions, depending on the slope aspect relative to the warm sunshine.

Glide Tech maintains low-friction glide through the lifetime of the skin, meaning it won't wear out after extensive use. Another improved feature over the regular Nomad is the addition of a Rubber Safer Skin backing, which prevents the skin from absorbing water, as well as dramatically reducing the effort required to pull both skins apart. The Nomad Pro Skins come with a pair of universal tail clips, two backing sheets, a skin cutter, storage bag, and cheat sheet for making them easier to pull apart.

Access the lines of your dreams. (JSBB06J)
Material: 70% mohair, 30% nylon
Tail Attachment: Universal Tail Clip
Compatibility: the Universal Tail Clip is compatible with all splitboards
Length: [Skin dimension, length x width] 1700 x 140mm
Skin Savers Included: 2 backing sheets included
Case Included: skin bag
Recommended Use: backcountry riding

QUESTION: Hi, I have a 157cm splitboard. Are these skins already trimmed? Are they long enough to still fit on my splitboard? Thanks, Josh

ANSWER: One of these skins has been cut to from 64" long to 56.5' long (7.5" where cut off), and one of the Universal Tail Clips has been riveted onto that skin. This should work for your 157cm splitboard though. That one skin has also been trimmed from 5.5" to 4 78" at the thinnest point in the middle (34" of the width has been trimmed off). Skin Cutter and Cheat Sheet is missing. Includes the other 4 rivets and Universal Tail Clip for the other skin. Mohair is a little dirty from being on a carpet.

QUESTION: Hi, are these cut too short or too narrow to fit a Jones Ultracraft 160cm (Which is size ā€œEā€)

ANSWER: If I remember correctly, I think a 157cm board is about the longest you will want to use these skins on, so I don't think these will fit your 160cm board. I also noticed while reading my last comment that Geartrade didn't keep my slashes so some numbers look weird. 4 78" should be 4 and 7 8ths inch. 34" should be 3 4ths inch. As long as your board is 157cm or shorter and 4 and 7 8ths inches wide edge to edge, these should work.

QUESTION: Do you have any more pictures of the ends of both skins? And do you know what size these have been trimmed to? I'm riding a 161cm splitboard.

ANSWER: These have been trimmed to ~157cm, so they'll be too short for your 161.

QUESTION: Whoops I just saw your answers to the other questions.

ANSWER: These have been trimmed to ~157cm, so they'll be too short for your 161.


Jones Snowboards
Nomad Pro Trim To Fit Splitboard Skins Black, One Size - Good
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Nomad Pro Trim To Fit Splitboard Skins

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