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Kayaks - Recreational Product Information

Slightly used small kayak, Mainstream brand, 9.5' long. Easy to move around in or out of the water. PICK UP ONLY in Chicago land, NO shipping, even though I have to check off some sort of shipping to be able to list.

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QUESTION: Hello seller did you have this item for sell and what is the condition of it get back to me with your final price of the item so that payment can be sent to you….email me here

ANSWER: In excellent condition for pickup in suburbs of Chicago.

QUESTION: Not to sure how to work this Iam wanting to buy this kayak on Monday 102119 and possibly pick it up from you if possible after 5 pm. will be cumming from the flint area possibly need direct contact by talking to you

ANSWER: after 6 pm is great. I will give you a phone number if you are sincere. 102119 Oct. after 6 pm?

QUESTION: Is the kayak still available?

ANSWER: yes, for pickup only.Chicago NW suburbs

QUESTION: Are there any leaks? Can you throw in paddle?

ANSWER: yes for sale for PICK UP ONLY in NW suburban Chicago, paddles for an extra $50, one set is LLBean Loon. NO LEAKS.

QUESTION: Hello is the mainstream kayak still for sale???

ANSWER: Yes, for PICK UP ONLY in NW Chicago suburbs

QUESTION: Hello I would like t buy the mainstream 9.5ft kayak I understand it is not shipped and Iam required to pick up the item my order was canceled. Has the item been sold or is there a way to buy it and by pass the required shipping process that is the thorn in the sale???

ANSWER: I saw the site listing it as FREE SHIPPING, so I cancelled it. If you can PICK UP in NW Chicago suburbs it is still available and another one too.

QUESTION: Ok Can do that if it is ok with you. what needs to be done do I need to buy it again or can the Canceled order be changed? then I will need a date and time and address or location as I live in Flint mi,

ANSWER: will they allow you to post an email address? I can get in touch, but they say do not post my personal info.

QUESTION: Yes I can understand that buy I see others have so if you ok with it



Mainstream Fiesta Kayak 9.5'
41% Off$175



Avg. Ship Time
16 Hours
Flat Rate $200

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