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I bought my gear from a lineman because I was going into the trade myself. I worked in it for a while, but then the tables turned for me, and I took on a new venture and aspect of the utility industry which made it so that I didn't have to use this equipment. It has never been used other than from the guy that I bought it from. I bought it for $150.00, and that's what it will sell for. Only serious and interested buyers please.  Thank you

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QUESTION: If I buy today or by Monday morning August 28th, can you have it shipped and delivered to me in Roseville

ANSWER: Hello sorry for the late reply. I couldnt get into my email account. Do you still need the climbing gear

QUESTION: I am interested in the spurs, but need to see if it would arrive to me here in Roseville, CA by Friday -day Sept 1st. I see you are in Ohio

ANSWER: Ok thats awesome. Just so we are both on the same page, and understand each other. You are able to pay $100.00 for the gaffs

QUESTION: I am waiting for an answer back from the contractor I will be working for to commit, should know either tonight or early tomorrow at the latest. Can you make the date if you send tomorrow

ANSWER: I completely understand that, and waiting to hear an answer. Yes I believe I can have it there by Friday. Let me know

QUESTION: Are this still available and how many belts and hoe many sets of hooks do u have

ANSWER: Yes they are. I have one belt and three pairs of hooks. One is aluminum and the other two are steel. How much do you want to pay

QUESTION: Still available

ANSWER: Yes sir they are. Are you serious about buying or just trying to scam

QUESTION: Im serious, did you get my phone number off the bid I placed

ANSWER: Ok. I really hope so, because too many people play around, which I don't have time for. Do you need any other equipment, because I have a couple other things

QUESTION: Can you contact me at other way than on here

ANSWER: Yes. How

QUESTION: are these gaffs still for sale

ANSWER: Yes they are still available

QUESTION: You offered these climbers for $100. I bought them for $100 themcancelled my order for these climbers seven days after I bought them. You had seven days to ship them, instead you cancelled my purchase. Now you re-list them for $500 !

ANSWER: I responded in the other message board. To your question

QUESTION: Ask You offered these climbers for $100. I bought them on 11


QUESTION: I sincerely apologize: You have not reoffered the gear for $500. I mis-read the ad. Please forgive me. The climbers are still(apparently) offered for $100. I don't know why the purchase was cancelled. Gear Trade emailed me saying you had cancelled the transaction without giving a reason. Apparently Gear Trade gives the seller seven days to ship and payment is pending. If shipment has not been verified, Gear Trade automatically cancels the trade and no payment is made. Upon verifying shipment by the seller, Gear Trade releases payment to the seller. And all's well. So, I'll put my order in and try again.

ANSWER: The climbers are 100.00. The Bucksqueeze is 500. I canceled because I don't feel comfortable mailing them to you, and then having to wait however long to receive the payment. I need the payment instantly. Not a week from now.

QUESTION: Do you still have the gear for sale


QUESTION: Hello, still available if so u have better pic of spikes



Buckingham And Bucksqueeze Climbing Gear
80% Off$100



Avg. Ship Time
48 Hours
Flat Rate $10

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