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Inside Scoop: Down

by Emma Athena    |    Jun 14, 2021    |    UnNew

Ever wonder how feathers make their way into sleeping bags and jackets? How are down products made? What kind of standards are out there, helping ensure humans aren’t exploiting the environment and an...

The Geartrade Guide to Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners 

by Beth Lopez    |    Jun 10, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Hiking is the least complicated sport ever. You just walk! Ideally somewhere pretty! Of course, there are a few gear items that can really make the experience more comfortable and safe. One of the big...

Geartrade: Summer Gear Roundup

by Beth Lopez    |    Jun 08, 2021    |    Gear Closet

It’s summer. We made it. We’re here. And it’s time to embrace the heat.  It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for at Geartrade—our sellers have been listing massive amounts of hiking, climbing, paddlin...

A Year Of UnNew Month Five

by Emma Athena    |    Jun 02, 2021    |    UnNew

The Challenge: go an entire year buying UnNew goods except for food and medical supplies. Could you do it? Month five: the joy of discarding.

Basic Bike Maintenance and Care 101

by Annie Fast    |    May 27, 2021    |    UnNew

Bike maintenance is a simple undertaking that pays off in dividends. Being proactive about maintaining your bike is the best insurance plan to keep you pedaling the trails instead of walking your bike...

The Geartrade Tent Buyer’s Guide 

by Beth Lopez    |    May 25, 2021    |    Gear Closet

If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve bought a tent, you’ll be delighted to know they’ve come a long way since the hulky, heavy behemoths most of us slept in on family campouts when we were kids. Of...

What is Friluftsliv: Free Air Life

by Beth Lopez    |    May 20, 2021    |    News

For Scandinavians, it’s been a way of life for as many generations as anyone can remember. But lately, the concept of friluftsliv, Norwegian for “free air life,” has been making a splash international...

Support Brands Repurposing Ocean Plastics 

by Annie Fast    |    May 18, 2021    |    News

Ocean plastics are a huge problem. We can all do our part by limiting our use of single-use plastic. We can also vote with our money by supporting brands that are helping to find a solution by reusing...

Inside Scoop: Leather

by Emma Athena    |    May 14, 2021    |    UnNew

A look at the controversial, but tried-and-true material that’s enabled outdoor survival and exploration since time immemorial.